Non-Tenure Track Faculty at CSU

At CSU, non-tenure track faculty can be appointed as contract faculty, continuing faculty, and adjunct faculty. Each of these appointment types can be full-time (minimum of 9 months) or part time (any fraction less than 100%, but no less than 50% of full-time). For more information about each of these appointment types, please refer to Section E of the Faculty and Administrative Professional Manual.

The Committee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty (CoNTTF) is a standing committee of Faculty Council and is composed of non-tenure track faculty (NTTF) representatives from each College and two tenured faculty. It is the representative body for all non tenure-track faculty at Colorado State University. 

Recent News

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Unemployment for NTTF who lost courses

The Colorado division of the American Association University Professors (AAUP) released updated information about when NTT faculty can apply for unemployment benefits. In the past, these have been opposed by employers, but the president of the Colorado Community College System said this year that he would not oppose

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Summer Unemployment Resources

The AAUP has put together resources to help faculty needing assistance. Below is a summary of the full document. In Brief: If you were scheduled to teach a class this summer and the class was cancelled due to campus closures and other COVID 19 complications, you can collect

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Summary of June 1 Open Meeting

Professor Sue James wrote up a summary of the Open Meeting held on June 1, 2020 and we are sharing it here so that those who were not able to attend have a better idea of what was discussed: There were approximately 40 people at the Open Meeting

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