Faculty Council approved E.6.d. — November 7, 2023—updated language to be in compliance with a State of Colorado bill that Faculty members on contract appointments shall be appointed for periods of two (2) to five (5) years.

Faculty Council approved E.2.1.3. and E.2.1.4 — October 4, 2022—clarified that one year prior to the end of a contract, a new contract should be issued replacing the previous contract. This change will hopefully help create the rolling/renewing contracts that CoNTTF envisioned back in 2018. The motion also clarified that if a person is moved from a contract to a continuing appointment, that it would be done without loss of rank or salary. The motion clarified that contract and continuing faculty who do not have a home department (i.e., Honors, Place, Graduate School, etc.) must have voting rights specified in the bylaws of that unit.

Faculty Council approved C. — September 7, 2021—changed CoNTTF from a special to a regular standing committee of Faculty Council, giving it equal footing with the other standing committees

Faculty Council approved C. — May 3, 2021—allowed contract and continuing faculty to serve on Faculty Council committees

Faculty Council approved C. — December 1, 2020—allowed contract and continuing faculty to serve as college and department representatives to Faculty Council

Faculty Council approved C. and C. — April 3, 2018—allowed CoNTTF faculty members to vote in Faculty Council as ex-officio members.  The motion also provided new appointment types and professional development leave.  Detailed Summa