Each college at CSU has a non-tenure-track faculty committee that is committed to advancing the cause of non-tenure-track faculty. Representatives from these committees either sit on CoNTTF or report and share information regarding non tenure-track faculty concerns and considerations with CoNTTF. Conversely, information on what is happening at the university level as it pertains to non-tenure-track faculty is shared by CoNTTF with representatives from college committees to ensure it is disseminated at the college and department level.

Name Of Chair(s)CollegeEmail
Suellen MelzerAgricultural SciencesSusan.Melzer@colostate.edu
Burt DeinesBusinessBurt.Deines@colostate.edu
no committeeEngineeringContact: Pinar.Omur-Ozbek@colostate.edu
Ashley Harvey and Leann KaiserHealth and Human SciencesAshley.Harvey@colostate.edu; Leann.Kaiser@colostate.edu
Margaret MillerLiberal ArtsMargaret.J.Miller@colostate.edu
Rachelle RamerLibrariesRachelle.Ramer@colostate.edu
Sean BryanNatural ResourcesSean.Bryan@colostate.edu
Lisa Dysleski and Tracy RichardsNatural SciencesLisa.Dysleski@colostate.edu; Tracy.Richards@colostate.edu
(Unfilled)Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesContact: Leslie.Stone-Roy@colostate.edu