The Committee on Non Tenure-Track Faculty (CoNTTF)

The Committee on Non-Tenure-Track Faculty (CoNTTF) is a standing committee of Faculty Council and is composed of non-tenure-track faculty (NTTF) representatives from each College, two tenured or tenure-track faculty elected from the Colleges and the Libraries, the Chairperson of Faculty Council (ex officio), one undergraduate student, and one graduate student. It is the representative body for all non-tenure-track faculty at Colorado State University.

The duties of this specialized standing committee are to recommend to the Faculty Council:

    1. Policies defining the general responsibilities of contract, continuing, and adjunct faculty to the University, college, and department.
    2. Policies related to the standing of contract, continuing, and adjunct faculty.

Members College Term Ends
Jenny Morse, Co-Chair Business 2026
Olivia Arnold, Co-Chair Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences 2025
Ryan Brooks Agricultural Sciences 2025
Thomas Conway Liberal Arts 2024
Scott Wiebensohn Libraries 2025
Jennifer Reinke Health and Human Sciences 2025
Pinar Omur-Ozbek Engineering 2023
Ann Hess Natural Sciences 2025
Sean Bryan Natural Resources 2025
Layla Malander PLACE At large
Joseph DiVerdi Vice Chair, Faculty Council At large
Sue Doe Chair, Faculty Council Ex officio
Mary Van Buren Tenured Faculty 2026
Vacant Tenured Faculty
Kendall Stephenson Graduate student representative 2023
Vacant Undergraduate student representative