A promotion is an advancement in rank from one level to a higher level. NTTF in Contract and Continuing appointments are eligible to seek a promotion in rank, typically after five years at one rank. The six available ranks for faculty are defined in section E.13 of the Faculty Manual, and are grouped into four levels as follows:

  • Instructors
  • Senior Instructors and Assistant Professors
  • Master Instructors and Associate Professors
  • Professors

Promotion Requirements

The requirements for promotion are department specific, so the first thing any NTTF needs to do is familiarize themselves with their department codes. The Provost’s Office maintains a web page with the most current department and college codes

In addition to department requirements, the Provost’s office has requirements for promotion applications. All Provost documents related to promotion and tenure are located on the Provost’s website. Scroll down the the Promotion & Tenure section. These documents change often, so it is important to refer back to these before writing an application.

Preparing for Promotion

Writing an Educators CV contains tips on writing a teaching CV, to help articulate teaching accomplishments. The guide was created by the Teaching Academy of the West Region Consortium of Colleges of Veterinary Medicine.

The Teaching Effectiveness Framework from CSU’s TILT contains many ideas for implementing and assessing effective teaching practices. These can help demonstrate growth as an instructor as well as improve the classroom experience for students.