Open Meeting, June 1

During finals week CSU non-tenure track faculty (NTTF) with contracts expiring in May 2020 or May 2021 received notice that their contracts would not be renewed. They are now on continuous appointments (or will be as of May 2021), meaning they are at-will and can be dismissed at any time. This is a back-track on the gains made over the past few years to support and retain NTTF who have been employed long-term at CSU (10 semesters or more).

This decision was made by the Board of Governors to allow “flexibility”, occurred across CSU, and directly affects some of your SOE colleagues. For those with contracts expiring May 2020, this decision may also be in violation of the Faculty Manual.

An open meeting is planned for June 1 at 2:00 pm on the Oval (with attendees wearing masks and maintaining social distance). Up to this point, no public announcement has been made by CSU about the non-renewal of NTTF contract appointments. The intent of this gathering is to get word out about this situation. We are hoping to attract attention through this event so that CSU, and the larger community, will know what decisions are being made by the CSU administration.

This gathering is open to anyone who is interested (not just NTTF). Even though the current situation directly affects NTTF, the possible ramifications of this decision are a concern for all of CSU. We are “One Faculty, One CSU”. There are many tough budget decisions that still need to be made and those decisions could affect all faculty, staff, or student, not just NTTF. All voices should be heard and the impact of any decisions made clear.

You are welcome to share this information and an invitation to the June 1 gathering with your own networks and contacts.